Empowering Futures: Transforming Lives Through Creative and Economic Empowerment

Unlock the potential of women, girls, and families by supporting their journey to resilience, independence, and success. Join us in fostering healing, growth, and a brighter future for our community.


Healing and Success

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Project SWAN (Supporting Women’s and Adolescent Needs) is dedicated to empowering women and girls by providing safe, nurturing environments that promote healing from trauma and inculcate skills for lifelong success. We focus on creative and economic empowerment, fostering resilience, independence, and a life free from violence and victimization. Through workshops, mentorship, and community support, we help young women navigate their futures with confidence and skill, breaking the cycle of trauma and paving the way for a brighter, more prosperous future.


Imagine a young girl who has experienced violence at home, struggling in school, feeling isolated, and lacking self-confidence. Without support, these challenges can lead to long-term mental health issues and limited future opportunities, creating a cycle of trauma that affects entire communities.


Many women and girls, especially those aged 8-18, face significant challenges in their lives due to trauma, lack of safe environments, and limited opportunities for personal and professional growth. These issues often lead to a cycle of violence, victimization, and poverty that can be incredibly difficult to break.

Benefits of Supporting


Participants and donors can expect to contribute to empowering young women and girls, fostering resilience, independence, and creative expression. This empowerment leads to a sense of accomplishment and agency, both emotionally and practically, as individuals develop skills and confidence to navigate their futures.

Healing and Support

Project SWAN provides a safe, nurturing environment that promotes healing from trauma and offers mental health support.

By supporting Project SWAN, participants and donors contribute to a more significant societal impact, helping create communities free from violence and victimization.

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